Sunday, 25 May 2014

How To Prevent Your Bed Frame Rolling Around

It’s one of those 'first world problems' that can be incredibly infuriating yet simple to solve. Not being able to lean against the wall whilst using your laptop or do the lust thrust without your bed rolling around. However, keeping your bed stable during sex or any other bedroom activities is easy and cheap.

Firstly, you need to consider the size of your bed’s wheels (casters). Most have a wheel diameter of around 2 inches, which is a relatively standard size. The most popular stoppers for furniture wheels (pictured below) fit these standard sizes.

Would you rather just have a set of legs?

For maximum stability, ditch the wheels and buy a specialized set of replacement legs. There are several different versions of these legs available. They’re designed with the same stems as casters, to fit straight in quickly and easily.

Get some replacements with brakes

Another option is to purchase a set with brakes. Universal stems make the job as simple as popping out the old and popping in the new versions.

These will be especially useful for people looking to stop chair wheels rolling. It's obvious why people would want to stabilize their bed, but why a chair? One of the major reasons is limited mobility or issues related to obesity. People with mobility issues may need to push down on the arm rests whilst also pushing with the backs of their legs against the chair in order to stand up. Obviously, for these people, the chair simply rolls back and away, resulting in the possibly falling to the floor. Interestingly, it can also be an issue when the wheels are worn out and become too stiff, making it difficult to push yourself along. This can place strain on your body, and cause injuries. 


D.I.Y with coffee lids.

This is one method I have heard mentioned.

If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful option then you can consider finding several lids and simply placing them underneath. However, these might cause scrapes or scratches and may also result in your bed sliding as they're not designed to grip. You can try coffee jar lids or any other kind of lid you can find in your cupboard or fridge. You could get creative and create some type of base that won't slide.

How much money will you save by trying a D.I.Y option? You will save around $10. It might just be worth getting a product which will save you the time and hassle of rummaging for something usable. The best option is certainly the replacement legs, which cost around $20.

Why are the wheels there in the first place?

They seem like the most ridiculous design blunder. However, supposedly they're there for a few different reasons. Anyone whose attempted a bit of midnight mattress dancing on wheeled beds knows how ridiculous they are. It's especially annoying when you're trying to be stealthy and the bed wanders around banging into walls. So what is the actual point?

One reason being that being able to easily move your bed allows you to more easily change your bedding without hurting your lower back (sounds unnecessary to me). They're also there to allow you to change your bed's position, so you won't damage a particular area over time. This also sounds somewhat silly, as hard plastic casters actually cause damage. Another reason is so you can shift your bed easily to vacuum underneath. If you're like me then you'd gladly take a pass on these benefits. Ensembles are heavy, and if you need to move them it can be a two person job. Really though, how often do you need to move them. If you're concerned about vacuuming underneath then it's really not all that hard to get a set of bed raisers.

Do they cause damage to floors?

The hard plastic used in casters does have the potential to scrape and scuff. There's also potential for random floor debris to get pushed into the plastic as they roll, causing greater potential for damage. 

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