Thursday, 2 January 2014

Guide To Replacing Bed Wheels With Legs

If you're fed up with having an unstable bed, or are concerned  about scuffs and scrapes to your floors, it may be time to ditch the wheels and upgrade to a set of legs. Replacing your bed wheels with legs is much easier than you'd think.

The legs pictured below are made to replace wheels. They're made to match the standard industry sizes of 3/8 or 7/16 used for caster sockets. 

Product details
  • Made specifically to replace wheels/casters.
  • Heavy duty one piece steel will support the largest of beds.
  • Plastic adapter allows for use in larger non-standard stem sockets.

Includes plastic adapters  

The actual stem size of these legs is 3/8, but they also come with plastic adapters, allowing them to fit securely in larger sized stem sockets. Essentially, unless you have a frame that's many decades old then there's a very high probability that you will experience no problems, and will simply be able to pop them in.

More details: Check them out on Amazon

Leg base will prevent floor damage

These are suited to use on hard flooring such as tile, hardwood and laminate. The base of the legs is described as being similar to Teflon, so it is not hard plastic or metal that will damage flooring or slide excessively.

There are a few leg or "glide" variations available.

Two piece steel stem glides

More details: Check them out on Amazon

Pictured above is another popular version. This is also a glide which has been designed to replace unwanted wheels.

If you're either fed up with unwanted movement on laminate or hardwood floors and you'd like to put an end to this problem whilst also improving your bed's appearance (i think casters look tacky) then these are worth considering.

Don't be put off by size concerns. If you can be bothered measuring your current stem size then that would be ideal. The 3/8 and 7/16 sizes are essentially industry standard. As mentioned previously, plastic adapters are included which increase their width when required to provide a snug fit.

Wheel Stoppers vs. Replacing With Legs 

If you'd prefer one of these coaster/cup stoppers pictured above, click here to read my post which lists your best options.