Friday, 14 June 2013

How To Stop Chair Wheels From Rolling

If you're looking to prevent the wheels of a chair from being able to roll, you've got two basic choices. You can either purchase some special replacement casters with brakes, or you can buy the product pictured below, which prevents the chair from moving.

Furniture wheels are actually called casters, making these 'caster cups'. Exciting stuff! They're sometimes referred to as rollers, with people referring to caster cups as 'roller stoppers'. Either way, for beds, chairs and other wheeled furniture, these are all you need to stop the roll.

These are available in packs of 2, 4 or 8 and are a 3" by 3" cup. These are large enough for the biggest of wheels and are one of the most popular versions used to stop furniture from rolling. They're made of rubber and have been reviewed as being perfect for not only chair and bed wheels, but also preventing furniture legs from scraping across floors. If you're in doubt about the size you'll require, due to your wheels being a little on the large side, then these could be perfect for you in order to ensure that you don't order an item that is too small for your casters.

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Casters with Brakes

Your other option is chuck your old ones in the trash and replace them with a set which has brakes. This might be a better option for those want to easily switch between stabilizing their chair and being able to move when it suits them. In my opinion, brakes should be a standard feature, not only to minimize annoyance, but for safety reasons. For people with disabilities or the elderly, sudden movement can actually be quite hazardous.

The set pictured above is 2" diameter, with universal grip mounting stem. Basically, this means installation is quick and easy as you simply pop the old ones out and pop these in. 

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Wheel stoppers specifically designed for carpet

If you have carpet, you may want to consider searching for some with spikes.

These are designed to be used on carpet to prevent damage and stop unwanted movement. You might assume that this item itself may be capable of causing damage. However, these are effective in providing protection as they are designed to disperse the weight of furniture to prevent unsightly carpet dents and wear and tear. These carpet coasters can also be used for furniture legs without wheels.

Do you also have issues with sliding furniture? 

Check out my blog on how to stop furniture sliding on wooden floors. It's another annoying problem that people get fed up with. Whether you'd like to be able to jump on and off your sofa without movement, or sit on the floor and lean back on a piece of furniture without it sliding away. There are plenty of solutions discussed.

I hope this has been helpful.