Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How To Stop Your Bed Rolling on Hardwood Floors

These bed stoppers are the simplest way to stop your furniture or bed frame wheels from rolling around. Just sit the wheel in one of these clever cups and it stops unwanted rolling, so you can do whatever you want on your bed without it moving around.

Key Details:

1. White 'O ring' provides grip and protection for floors
2. Perfect for hardwood, tiles and laminate
3. Color options of light or dark brown
4. Ideal fit for 2" diameter (but will fit up to 2-1/4")

The above cup is perfect for common bed style twin hooded casters (wheels). The white ring you can see on the bottom is specially designed to provide extra grip and protection. This will appeal to those who are also concerned with scratches and marks on their flooring.

Take a look at your bed and check out the diameter of your wheels in order to ensure you make the right choice. The stopper shown above ideally fits sizes up to 2 inches but can fit up to 2.25 inches, meaning anything larger will require a larger kind of cup, which are shown below. 

Square or circular coasters

Here's a different, version which is reasonably priced and has received great reviews for stopping beds from moving.

These square versions have received excellent reviews for stopping bed movement. They are 3" in width and will be able to accommodate larger sized casters. 

One reviewer alludes to these being effective at preventing movement during sex. I think this is actually one of the major reasons people purchase these. They come in packs of two, four or eight. These are also reviewed very highly for use under furniture legs, and are able to keep couches and recliners from sliding around.

How about 'raisers' designed for beds with wheels?

These will not only create stability, but also have the added bonus of creating extra storage space underneath your bed.

These are made from highly durable impact resistant materials, with a pyramid design which allows for maximum stability. They add an extra 5.25 inches of elevation, allowing you to create extra storage space whilst also eliminating the annoying problem of unwanted movement. They're made with a 1 inch lip, meaning casters will be held securely in place on the raiser.

More details: Check them out on Amazon 

How about a D.I.Y version? 

Take a look in your fridge and see what kind of lid you can find. I'm thinking anything shaped like a lid or even an empty tuna tin would work. You just need to place something underneath it to give it a little friction. 

Sick of wheels? Replace them with legs

Read my blog post How To Replace Wheels with Legs

What is the deal with casters?

Apparently, a wheel is not actually a caster. A wheel is only part of a caster, which is also made up of a frame, which is also referred to as a bracket, fork or rig. Most people who are unfortunate enough to be cursed with a wheeled bed are probably unaware of this or the name of the nifty little products which can be used to put an end to unwanted movement.

If you're looking for caster stoppers to stabilize beds so you can do the horizontal greased-weasel tango without going on an adventure, the cups shown at the top appear to be you best option. Solutions to problems like this are often not that easy to come across. A lot of people stumble across these and have that moment of "why didn't I know about this".

Why do bed frames have wheels anyway? 

In my opinion, they should all come with breaks as standard. They should all have some type of thing you can flip down to act like brakes when you don't want any movement. I personally feel as though wheels on bed frames are largely unnecessary, as I don't understand their actual function. I feel as though if my bedroom was the size of a basketball court, and I needed to relocate my bed to different sides of the room each day then perhaps I'd need them then. However, I rarely rearrange my room, and even when I do I don't need to be able to push my bed along like a shopping cart. 

I got so annoyed when I couldn't lean on my wall when I'm on my laptop because I'll roll away from the wall! Relaxing on the internet before I dozed off at night had become a source of discomfort and irritation as I tried to lean in a way that wouldn't result in a gap forming between me and the wall. Then I resorted to jamming things between my cupboard and my bed in order to hold it in place. However, this never worked and just made my room look messy.

Anyway, the furniture wheel stoppers shown at the top stopped my queen size bed from rolling and they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.