Friday, 7 March 2014

Wooden and Rubber Bed Stoppers

You've likely found this blog because you're fed up with the above scenario. Or perhaps other night time activities occurring in your bedroom are the cause of your bed's unwanted movement. Either way, there's no need to allow rolling beds to be the bane of your existence. 

Wood stoppers

1. Soft Touch Cherry Wood
2. 2x2"
3. 4 per pack 

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These will blend in nicely with similarly colored wooden floors. These are labelled "Soft Touch Cherry Wood" and may be preferred by those intending to use these on wooden floors due to their ability to blend in. However, if you'd prefer rubber due to concerns regarding possible marks on your floors, check out the option below.

Rubber Versions

These square stoppers are able to fit a large number of wheel sizes and shapes, rather than simply being designed to fit a specific type.

1. Sizes 2" or 3"
2. Pack of 4
3. Stops movement and protects floors

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A factor to consider when selecting a cup/stopper is the size and type wheel. There are different versions of these designed for different wheel sizes and shapes. However, these square versions are reviewed as being suitable for larger sizes as well as smaller sizes.

As you can see, there are a few different colors to choose from to match them up with your flooring to ensure they remain relatively inconspicuous.

D.I.Y Bed Stoppers?

Could this work? If so, it could be at least a reasonable temporary "quick fix".

I read that you can use juice bottle or jar lids in order to solve this problem. The issues here are obviously appearance, grip and possible scrape marks on your floor. They're obviously going to look quite bad but I'm thinking that with the right sized lid, this could be effective. I'd imagine that plastic lids might be a little flimsy and could bend overtime. However, they're not exactly hard to come across so you could easily replace them whenever you needed to. 

Metal jar lids might work a little better and you could also try to find something to put under them that would provide a little extra grip and protection. Perhaps the lids would simply slide with the bed, as they're not designed to grip.

What about using something like a balloon to create a little friction? If anyone tries this idea, post a comment and let us know whether it stops rolling, or is a just a silly idea.

Check out other posts in this blog for more specific information and pictures showing how casters and different kinds of stoppers are matched up in order to creative maximum stability for your bed frame. Having a bit of stability in your bed or furniture really isn't that much to ask. However, to provide absolute stabilization, you may want to consider reading my post in this blog regarding replacing bed wheels with proper bed legs. It discusses stem sizes and how they are not an issue to be overly concerned about. The replacement glides simply screw in or pop into the frame, as most stems are a standard size, making this a simple task.

I hope this blog helps you find the right solution. 

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