Friday, 26 July 2013

Wheel Coasters For Pianos

Which kind of material is best for your piano? Plastic or hardwood are the most popular choices. However, Lucite is essentially indestructible and offers a clean and stylish look. However, the choice largest comes down to how much you're able to spend and how well each option compliments your piano and its surrounding decor.

Lucite Floor Protectors

The black Lucite cups pictured above are an excellent choice for both small, medium and large sized wheels. One thing to remember is that whilst smaller sizes may fit your piano's wheels, it is important to consider whether the size will visually match up. This is obviously more of an issue for grand pianos, as their casters are more prominent.

These come in black and clear colors, with the outside diameter measuring 4.5" and the inside diameter measuring 2.5". As mentioned previously, Lucite is practically indestructible as it is made of high density plastic.

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Hardwood wheel cups for pianos

Each cup is made of High-Quality Select hardwood, with the base being covered by felt to provide protection for floors. The wheel, also known as a caster, is simply placed in the cup, which is designed to maintain an elegant look whilst protecting the floor and preventing the wheel from rolling. Although these are designed to protects floors and prevent casters from rolling on hard surfaces, they can also be used on carpets. These can be used to minimize unsightly carpet damage caused by constantly rolling.  

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Cheaper version

Protects and Grips

These plastic cups are a more affordable option and although they're not specifically designed for pianos, these are designed for smaller wheels, such as those of pianos, with each cup is capable of supporting 500lbs. The website of the manufacturer specifically states that these are perfect for pianos and can accommodate wheels up to 1.75".

The white strip on the bottom of the cup is designed to grip the floor, creating friction whilst preventing floor damage.  Both of these products shown above are strong, durable and effective at holding wheeled furniture in place. It's just a matter of ensuring the wheel will fit.

For other furniture (2-2.5" wheel diameter)

If there are other pieces of furniture within your home which you wish to stabilize, you may wish to check out this version.

If you'd like to read more about the larger version pictured above, read my blog post on stopping your bed from rolling 

I began this blog after I spent 6 months battling with my bed, trying to keep it stable. I love products like these, so simple yet so clever, eliminating another one of life's cumulative annoyances. I think a lot of people are unaware that this problem is so easily fixed and continue to put up with it. Before i stumbled across these, I used to try and wedge random objects between my bed and my wall, which never really worked, and basically just added to how messy my room looked. For some reason I never actually thought to look for a coaster type product like this. If I'd looked these up sooner I could've saved myself some headaches. You really need to be able to move around on your bed, or lean on your wall whilst on your laptop without your bed moving around.

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